After warning of terrorist attacks in Russia, the US embassy hit Putin

Terrorist Basayev's Methodology on a New Level

The US Embassy has warned Americans of possible terrorist attacks in shopping malls and subways in Moscow, St. Petersburg and near the border with Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry asked how to understand this, Putin's spokesman called the statement “unusual.” Zakharova and Peskov are very polite people on duty. I am not in the civil service and not even in the state media, I can: nothing unusual, we are directly and clearly threatened.

Photo: AGN “Moskva”

In March 2004, the terrorist Basayev published another message on behalf of the “martyr's brigade”, in which he stated that they would, as far as possible, bomb, blow up, poison, set on fire, arrange household gas explosions and fires. And all the responsibility for this rests with Vladimir Putin, because, according to Basayev, he refuses to adhere to the norms of international law in the occupied territory of Chechnya. The addressee of the message was not the leadership of Russia at all, but ordinary people. The purpose of this is clear and obvious: people, put pressure on your bosses and live peacefully. The people, of course, remained silent. Only “the best people with bright faces” and other “conscience of the nation” spoke.

Ukraine and the generalized West certainly cannot afford to directly copy Basayev's rhetoric. They cannot allow even repulsed nationalists to make such statements. But why should the good – the practiced technique – disappear? Moreover, there are all the components: Western public opinion globally, as well as the “Russian intelligentsia” in particular, are convinced that Russia has been an aggressor for 8 years now, it will definitely attack, and Putin is to blame for all this, who refuses to adhere to the norms of international law. Therefore, a simple move is being made.

Now the addressee of the American message is not the citizens of the United States, but the citizens of Russia. And its meaning, although not clothed in words, is still the same and very simple: you, dear Russians, will be blown up, because your leadership is waging war against Ukraine. And your aggressive Putin is to blame for the fact that you will be blown up. Let's hit him, and then – peace, friendship, chewing gum, the new Gorbachev will arrange détente by surrendering the country.

And in response to the bewilderment of the Russian Foreign Ministry and other structures, you can always make round innocent eyes and say: so we we care about security, which is what the newspapers write about constant “telephone mining”. Terror attacks are possible, highley likes?

Zakharova and Peskov are too polite. Too much, highley like.


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