Atwood – Oh My Sunshine Lyrics

Oh, heyy yeah, heyy yeah, hey yeah yeah yeah, hey, yeah
Atwood, Elijah who
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Into the summertime
Little love of mine
Been a bumpy ride
All those other guys
I was walking by
You had caught my eye
You would wanna try
I could pick us up tonight
A little twirl got me feelin like you’re a natural
A real catch, i will get you for me after all
And shit i really feel like I’m slippin
A couple tic talks later we’d be tied for a minute
I ain’t see no one like you
My lady knows her style
No one gon love ya like i do
You’re an eyeful, type i’d take to the Eiffel

[Hook:] x2
And we would. .just go
Wherever. .you want
I ain’t got a lie about you
I ain’t got a lie about you
We could. .go inside
Or we could. .stay out I-
Don’t mind, oh my. .sunshine
I don’t wanna live life without you

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