Bobby Goldsboro – Gentle Of A Man lyrics

I have talked with a Man, who has walked a lonesome mile,
But His eyes were filled with Promise, and He wore an Angel’s smile.
He smiled with the Happiness of Knowledge in His mind,
As He practiced with a great finesse, the Art of bein’ kind.
In answer to God’s command – He’s the Gentle of a Man.

While artificial people, play-act and pretend,
And worship concrete steeples, and buy convenient friends,
There walks a Man among us, upon a granite road –
His heart is full of Hope for us, His secrets are untold.
And as He takes His lonely stand – He’s the Gentle of a Man.

And He looks at those around Him, and He hears the bitter words they speak,
And He hears their tears and laughter, but He turns the other cheek.
And He says, “Someday… They will find their way.”
He forgives them all, for they don’t understand.

There walks a Man so brave, with a Lily in His hand,
He places it upon the grave of Bitterness in Man.
And He turns back all temptation, with a Kind and Forceful Hand.
And I know that I must follow Him, this Gentle of a Man.
And He’s not ashamed to pray, or Hope for brighter days,
And someday we’ll understand… This Gentle of a Man.

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