Chase Million – Speak Now lyrics

Verse I
Worrisome one hitters carry a rotten accomplice,
Racked up with flourishing floozies to gain hire
Slander to tragedy indeed kept constant,
Steady weight be bearing right ready to retire
Babbling inciting on air frenzy,
Instability inflating the inferno link
No talking please no idea what’s intending,
Pivotal progression plows your desperation brink
An ode to observers that never pay cost,
And couch dwellers consumption of flammable focus
Renown removal of generations much lost,
Left in hindsight a thousand yards aiming scope less
Perpetual persuasion in ways of the gun,
And fifty rounds blasting through chest up range
Flanks forgone in the maze not done, steering off road and I’m swiping the reigns

Chorus X1
Never been clever to sever endeavors,
Divided society with plummeting levels
Shocked in your shell stocking wants that entail,
What’s not important let’s recover the veil
Speak Now or forever hold your peace,
You’re running with the group defecting life’s lease
Shocked in your shell stocking wants that entail,
What’s not important let’s recover the veil

Verse ii
Agents of information be generally degenerate,
Tangled up in town square wage tumultuous tones
Complacence kneeling neither praise nor penance,
Bourgeois brigades misplay through the red zone
Incoherently incorporated men consult,
Your campaign strategy’s ripe for the picking
Thrown to the wayside conjuring a revolt,
Up against the wall laid pipe be sticking
In search of enlightenment electrodes begin to bubble,
Giving heed to realization but slightly corrosive
It’s like digging a grave with a spoon for a shovel,
Watching the pendulum personify the implosive
De facto delegates doomsday demeanor
Is demanding the procedure to commence mission launching
Lady liberty’s beautiful oh have you seen her,
They fire hosed her flame from each wing gripping staunchly

Chorus X2

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