Code Orange – Hurt Goes On lyrics

It sounds like a machine gun
It hits like yellow rain
You’re just a rat in a world of snakes
I’m just a dog in a cage
Waiting to pick you to pieces
Waiting for something to change
The next time you use your big boy voice
The next time you choose to speak my name

It just feels right
Spilling out of your head
The only reason I’m alive is to watch your mind go dead
I wanna watch the lights go out
I wanna see you fade to black
I wanna feel you calling out
When no one answers back

Because where does that put you?
Where exactly will you be?
Mentally. I wanna hurt you mentally
When your roaches scatter, when it’s just you and me

Close your eyes
Pray to God
That this storm will pass
That we will move on
The one thing I know
Is that if you’re wrong
The hurt will go on
The end will never come

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