Dewayne Jackson – Never Change letras

Can’t wait no longer baby, my time is now no time to sleep
Because I’m on it baby. No time too eat, even though I’m fucking hungry baby lately i been feeling all alone and it drive me crazy since I was younger why they treat De’Wayne shady, my best friend left my side but I’m the one thats changing I just feel like I’m maturing at these different stages levels they wouldn’t even fathom on this marathon racing they was speeding through life was i was finding my pace they was having a ball i was lost in my race i was looking for god i was losing my faith my mother wouldn’t be proud of what i had became. But its a new day i live the dream like its 2k its time for me to shine and that sun was coming my way you know i got it baby you know i got it got some good people around me help me strengthen my pockets help me strengthen my grind help me strengthen my mind now we closer than ever its just a matter of time before this shit pop the art of hiphop you talking about the kid thats risked his life for what you read about hear em out

Yeah and I’m in my zone yeah tell that people leave that boy alone yeah hey and I’m putting on yeah i really hate i hate i had to leave my home and nah nah. hey but y’all made me back and forth to granny yeah she raised me i swear this game never changed me no matter what happened swear this game never changed me nah. hey but yall made me back and forth to granny yeah she raised me. I swear this game never changed me we only getting better let the whole world know we special get em

A lot of pressure when you fly away this year gone make two christmas since i had a holiday I’m on my job I ain’t hearing what them haters say cause when i was starving nobody tried to talk to me but its cool look made me stronger made me a man when I’m on nigga I hope that you understand see i been grinding since youngin i been working with something i never want to be famous cause fame ain’t what i wanted foreal ay just give that young boy that deal and i put my family on hill see i just wanna save the kids and thats real look vibe knew i was working with something since i was young been a star i watch my dad from the porch and seen him getting out that car all they did was hustle because they wanted it all i never thought those times would inspire these poems nigga foreal

AY SAY even when they doubted knew i make it i came to far man they can’t take it going back home made me stronger i ain’t changing nigga i ain’t changing. nigga thats my word ay