FSB general advised how to respond to Ukrainian provocations at the border

“Did you realize that you were aiming at Russia?”

Two military incidents occurred on the Russian-Ukrainian border on Monday. At first, a projectile that arrived from Ukraine completely destroyed the Russian border checkpoint. Then it became known that the Russian military and border guards fought on the border with a Ukrainian sabotage group, and also destroyed two Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles that violated the Russian border. Retired Major General of the FSB, member of the Council on Foreign Defense Policy Alexander Mikhailov believes that this provocation of Ukraine must be dealt with harshly.

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The battle with saboteurs took place on February 21 at about 6.00 Moscow time in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Mityakinskaya, Rostov Region. Five violators were destroyed. Also, two infantry fighting vehicles were burned, which, obviously, were trying to help the sabotage group.

– I think that we need to respond adequately to such things, – said General Alexander Mikhailov. – By and large, if we were free in our retaliatory actions, this could be considered as a declaration of war on us. From what hangover does military equipment cross the Russian border? Not even individual saboteurs, but a whole combat unit & nbsp; with armored vehicles!

According to him, it is impossible to allow Ukrainian military vehicles to enter the territory of the Russian Federation.

– It seems to me that today we must find a variant of an adequate answer. There must be an effective response tool. In the same amount as the damage done to us. Such things cannot be dropped. For example, they destroyed our border post in the Rostov region – I would give the command to destroy the same post in the Kharkiv region, with equal consequences

In my opinion, the problem lies in the fact that our long-suffering has some kind of almost unlimited character. If a shell arrived from Ukraine – it is necessary to destroy this artillery or rocket installation on the territory of Ukraine. Why endure?

Do the Ukrainians themselves understand what they are doing? Okay, they are trying to do something on their territory. But then you swung at Russia – did you realize what you did?

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