Graveyard – Bird Of Paradise lyrics

Before I found this place
It was never near
I was always somewhere else
And still I was always here

I used to think I knew my way around
Thin wild and shaky state of mind
I would smile and let myself just slide down the line
Just like that

All you people talking at me
You all sound the same
All your eyeballs staring back at me
Look just the same

And since I found out why
I’ve been laughing all the time
I got what I need to walk the line
I guess after all I am doing just fine

Turned a corner, saw the light
I looked into your deep green eyes
I reached out and touched a bird of paradise

So bring along your shovel
To the wall of soul
Start digging away
Crawl into the hole

There I’ll spend my holidays
Where dreams are never far away
Just sit around while the sunlight fade
Look out from my place in the shade

Out of sight, late at night
I’m falling for your deep green eyes
If I reach out I can touch the bird of paradise

Oh well, I feel like falling down
I might just loose myself to you this time
Oh no, I think you got me turned around
I’m sure I’ll loose myself to you this time
I bet I will

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