GS Megaphone – Out Of My Mind

I doubt you’ve failed to see
I’m out of my mind, yeah
It’s for the sake of Christ
That I’m this way
Every since I gave Jesus all I have
I just can’t keep this fire I’ve got inside

Well you may think it’s a bad thing
You say "Chill out you’re just a little high-strung"
But the way I see it if I’m only seeking God’s approval
Your disapproval won’t bother me at all

Cuz I’m out of my mind, yeah (x3)
And I’m into the mind of Christ

I refuse to conform any longer
To the pattern of this world I’m living in
I’m not a good little churchmouse boy any longer
From now on, man, I’m a man of God

Laugh at me, dis on me
God warned me such things would come
Disown me, ridicule me
I don’t live my life for you
Cuz you never died for me

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