In Donetsk, they spoke about the methods of mobilization into the army

When people leave the DPR, documents are taken away from people

The evacuation of residents from the LPR and DPR continues. More than 61,000 refugees from Donbass have already arrived in Russia. Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been introduced on the territory of the DPR. Shelling from Ukraine has become more frequent. In addition to evacuation, men of military age are being mobilized. Local resident Alexander answered questions about the internal situation in the DPR “MK”.


– As such, there is no panic. Even in stores there is not much excitement. The only thing that happens is the active withdrawal of funds from ATMs. In Makiivka, there is talk among the population about the planned breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from February 22 to 23, but this is at the level of rumors. So far there is no exact data. Men express readiness to defend their territory.

– The emergency situation has been introduced, but the hospitals are working, the authorities are also working. No one is running away, everything is in its place. Also, production does not stop. The date of the emergency has not yet been determined.

– Mostly women and children are leaving. Men transport families to the Rostov region and return back. The evacuation is well organized. Everything is centralized, without panic and excitement. Everyone knows where and which buses to board. There is no such situation as in 2014, when they were ready to run on foot.

– Mobilization is also organized. Raised the last mobilization age from 55 to 65 years. And so, from the age of 18, both those who served and those who previously did not serve are called up. Those who did not serve, respectively, undergo more training. The conscripts are in an optimistic mood. Age doesn't matter here.

– None of the men are released. At customs control, when leaving the DPR, documents are confiscated, a special paper is issued in return, and only on this paper, when entering back, the documents are returned to him. This is done so that there is no desertion. In addition, the people's militia and traffic police stop vehicles to check documents. They rewrite the data and hand over the summons to the military registration and enlistment office.

— The Ukrainian side is active at the level of 2014-2015. Massive shelling of Donetsk and adjacent areas is underway. Both tank and artillery shelling with 120-122 mm shells are being carried out

While the situation in the Donbas continues to be tense, evacuated residents are arriving in Russian regions. Upon arrival, they often encounter forced difficulties. For example, boarding school students come with only school textbooks. In addition, many refugees were left without cell service due to the move. The situation with guaranteed payments in the amount of 10 thousand rubles remains difficult. Of all the residents of Donbass evacuated to the territory of the Russian Federation, only about 1,000 people received money. So far no one has seen the promised money in the Kursk and Voronezh regions. The process is complicated by the fact that most do not have accounts in Russian banks, and some of the arrivals do not even have Russian citizenship.


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