Jedi Mind Tricks – You Have One Devil But Five Angels lyrics

[Intro: Scratching]
Wa-watch out
Come from the east
Coming from the east side
Wa-watch out
Wa-wa-watch out
The infinity
Coming from the east side
Come from the east
Wa-watch out
Wa-wa — wa-wa-watch out

[Verse 1]
I expected nothin’ less, this dummy came with his man
But as stupid as he is, he shoulda came with a plan
See, technologically this is enslavement of man
The heart of the abode, or the believers in shame
Whether you speak Yoruba, Santería and witchcraft
I ain’t even know they made a rolly for your bitch ass
All it take a little bit of buzz for you to get gas
Enjoy yourself stupid, this shit will be over quick, fast
The hell day, Halloween, demon was born
And money, death is waiting for you like I’m beepin’ a horn
My shooters move the D like they be with my [?]
Impale a mothafucka, go to sleep when it’s dawn
You ain’t got no aura, B, ain’t no type of showmanship
Rigor mortis, body dead, lookin’ like you pose for flix [?]
Ain’t too accurate to barb with a rum
And my biscuit always with me like we father and son, stupid

[Hook: Scratching]

[Verse 2]
Yeah, listen, listen
Yeah, I had it up to here with this bitch
Take a body for another body like we switch shifts
You don’t wanna be on the shit list
Pull the chopper out and fire on him like he dismiss (ta-ta-ta)
It’s pyrex everywhere and baking soda, Bisquick
It’s dark here, the average person couldn’t handle this shit
There’s bodies piled up like Nostradamus predicted
Talkin’ out the side your fuckin’ mouth will get you lifted (ta-ta-ta)
The SUV is a convertible van
Head shot, body shot like Roberto Duran
How this pussy turn stayed after he murdered his man
I’m fabulous overseas, free birds in Japan
Have these bullets flyin’ just to see his vertical span
Now these gloves is comin’ off like I’m nursin’ my hand
Revere me as a God, Ming the Merciless, man
This a Leatherface chainsaw surgical plan

[Outro: Scratching]

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