Jerreau – Persevere (Never How You Plan Album) letras

I’m just happy to be back you know
I ain’t been in this, in this booth in a minute, you know
Niggas, niggas been going through shit and shit (haha)
But thats life though
You know, you got to like persevere and what not
Ain’t that what they tell you? (hah)
Word up
What’s up?

[Verse 1]
Born and raised in Columbus
A product of the Southside
800 South Champion, that’s where I learned not to die
Gun shots through the night, ghetto birds in the sky
I walked to and from school, black boys can’t fly
You can do anything, the greatest lie ever told
I told myself all the time, sometimes you just got to lie
Because the system is broken, and the scales are tipped
And that city school to prison pipeline do exist
You miss what you don’t shoot, I’m a hundred percent
It’s real in the field, don’t come off that bench
How you raise your gun, before you raise your fist?
But how you raise your fist, before you raise you voice?
You ain’t a man you a boy, damn what you heard
Got to speak up, rest in peace, my niggas lost they voice
I’ve been trying to cut back, I got a drink in my hand
I’ve been trying to stack up, I need more paper damn
I’ve been trying to spend time with my immediate fam
But that don’t never pan out, swear they don’t know who I am
I was raised in the church, no I don’t go no more
See I got to find God, for myself, you should know
That’s why I quit that job, I got to work for my own
I got to pull my own load, I got to build me a home
Motherfuck being broke, damn this shit is depressing
And I just got word, my ex girlfriend pregnant
And I feel indifferent, not cause I’m jealous
You should know I feel indifferent about a lot of shit
But when you’re chasing a dream, you miss out on some shit
It’s like 3 or 4 girls I could have settled down with
But fuck it I’ll be that nigga that you never forget
And you love it, I’m still that nigga, don’t you ever forget
I come through with the who want it? Like anybody can get it
Like it’s open to the public, like fuck it
It’s Fly U! Three the hard way like a foul and a bucket
F U, if you don’t love it
In my feelings like that, sometimes it be like that
Allahu akbar, I’m just happy to be here
Sip this champagne, then spit at your women friend
Leaving you smiling from ear to ear, I’m at your neck
I need more gold chains and better sex
It never happens how you plan it, what’s next?
I’m in a Range with Ramos right now
Another hour driving LJ’s ghost right now
The first time behind the wheel of a quarter mill
I told myself, I need this feeling everyday by now
But right now, I ain’t eating, and it’s hunting season
I need three meals a day, I’m three M’s away
Get my mom a new place, give her moon she need space
It’s never not okay, and it’s slave for yourself until that day
What’s up?
It’s the Greater Than Club, what’s up, wassup?

It never happens how you plan it nigga
But get your money how you planned it nigga
Long as the ladies love a nigga, Imma always be that nigga
Whats up?