Jesse B Dawg – Document 2 lyrics

Bongman that’s the logo
I get my shit on the low low
When I see a bitch that I like n shit
Ima fuck that bitch on my gopro

Cinematic on film and wax
Ima bit sparatic so I love ta dab

Hush hush lil hata bitch
I was simulating murder when I made this mix

Hillyard pride till the day I die
For them stupid fucks that’s 509
For the rest of us
That’s the frontline

I aint front mine
I got my shit on the fucken grind

Bmg n that’s the crew
Need a bag you can come threw

I aint done hustlin I fucks with it
Fuck strugglen I touch digits

Gargoyal n that’s real shit
Posted up tryna get chips
If you see my homies on the fucken grind
Better Show respect at least buy a dime

The streets are cold, this is how we eat
Fuck selling coke stick ta pushen t’s

Beats merch and mp3’s
Bongman gang dawg you know me

Cash on deck n we got heat in the trunk

Bdawg on the beat n I’m bringin the funk
Its minimal effort to make them muthafuckers slump

Ima gargoyal dawg n that’s what I’m about
All dabbed out locked into the couch
Holden down the house with a half an oz
Turned up loud till it maxes out
Picture me rollin homie look at me now
We loud as fuck like the 40 cal

Still murken these beats n rhymes
While you lurk bezerk deep in pizza time
I put a hurt on words I aint leasen mine
I fucken cursed the verse then put the heat online

A four seat on grind
Crooked alpine
Kanetown on pound
The whole ride is high

We ride do or die
We solidify
You aint nothing but
A group full a stupid guys

Bongman gang their you heard it from me
We rep bmg that’s moe you need cash on deck if you fuck with me
I don’t fuck wit punks I stay sucker free
I eat a bunch at lunch lil punk emcees

Youll get sucker punch by my skunky weed
I rap real life on these hard ass beats
N the struggles grimey so it sounds like beef
Everytime I speak

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