Lou The Human – Sour lyrics

Guess who came back from the dead
With a slit throat and back full of lead, bitch I’m back for your head
Pulling knives out my spine, hit him right in the back of the head with it
I’m ahead with it
Everything I did years ago they just doing now
That’s why I don’t even let ’em know how I move around
Motherfuckers my son and running with Louis style
Old bitches that fronted is looking stupid now
Old managers wishing they was recouping now
Bottom line, I’m a walking dollar sign
And I fucking Columbine anybody tryna school ’em
Yeah, fuck my whole past you never knew him
I be riding ’round in my bag, only thing I really fear is my dad
Now I’m scared for they ass cause they know I’m about to spaz like N.E.R.D.,
Gettin’ cash like word and I’m smacked like Berg and I
Every single track I murk and every time I get a bag I splurge I should save more
Yeah, Hugh Rack in the paint dawg
My favorite thing is doing everything you can’t dawg
I’m the kid sipping on that Purple Rain dawg
Fuck a Range, I’m deranged in my brain dawg
Motherfuckers still talking ’bout they chain dawg
Shit is whack, hit me back if you saying something

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