Naji – Blood, Sex & Magic lyrics

[Verse 1]
I walk in with a pimp strut, yuh
Aura saying fuck yo label
Probably gonna end up stuck
Call me when it’s all too late, bitch

I got my own team, yuh
Only got me in the room cause
I owe a favor to Leno
Me and him go back 3 though, digression

You know my progression
I hope I come off aggressive
I get particular
When I gotta choose my weapon

I made it pretty far
Without sucking dick for blessings
Cause ya boi straight

I got my sight on Pepsi-Cola pussy
I’m trying to be a primadonna with a cause
Roping up the old folk that keep on

Holding pussy, pockets swole with it
9/10 doctors recommend
“Keep on keeping on, pussy”

Now that ain’t right, no
Now that ain’t right, no
And I’m a sweetheart to death
But don’t tell the powers that be
So gimme gimme

Blood, sex, magic
I need blood, sex & magic, now
It’s tragic, y’all
I want it all
(Throw it, throw it, throw it, throw it)
I’m a hat trick
Classic fly on the wall
(I’m on the wall, I’m on the wall)

[Verse 2]
Ay ay, lemme get a toast
I’m hella proud of y’all, you deserve it all
Send the accolades, sip ya lemonade

I’m with the day ones on the coast
Busy calling spades spades
Riding round like Kali’s baby
Oh yeah, you know it’s wild

How it seem to work out
I’ve been copacetic
With my credits
And the throwbacks

Feel like Bruce Wayne, swear to God
I’m gonna go bats
Got me in my bag
What it cost to even grow that, yuh

I think I’m rotten rotten rotten
Trying to get away in my motorcade

Where did my soul go
I need to know
Nobody can know I’m gone
Know I’m gone

I need what’s mine
(Gimme gimme)

[Chorus x2]

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