Naji – Misfit lyrics

Wake up
What time is it? 10?
Oh god, I’m gonna be late
Aright get up, get up, get up

[Verse 1]
I met a new friend
Hopefully, more than
Well, what I do know is
She makes me smile

I know I tend to think a lot
I wonder what she’s thinking bout
Cause usually it goes something like

What a nice boy
Really nice
And, he just my type

Mama, meet him
Yeah, he good
Too bad he’s not white

Just a
Just a
Just another day in the life of a misfit, but

What do I do
Oh, what do I do

It’s been the same old for some time
But even though I’m a misfit, misfit, yeah
I don’t quit, no
I do it all again

[Verse 2]
So you could find me at home
I gotta leave my new friend alone
I swear, she feels like heaven
But I know better

And I know nothing else
I do it do it with no help
I’m a product of my nature, baby
And I I I don’t know why
But that’s the way they made me
I guess that’s why I’m such a misfit

Yeah I’m a misfit and I love it
I’m a misfit cause I know I love it all

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