Ostura – Duality lyrics

The mirror deceives
The hunter to feel like a prey now
A circle complete
Dawn of a new age breaks now
You’ll remember the fear
The failure
To save this world from yourself

Can’t you see that
There’s darkness and there is light
We’re part of this wonder
We’re one but not the same

You’ve played me
And I you
Pray like a martyr, you’ll never be safe
War is My game

(We Will)
Lose all control
Pulling the chains that will bind us
(breathing down your neck)
We rise and we fall
Our minds are not made to confine us
(one last time)
Like what happened before
You’ll bring destruction upon yourself

Ready for
Your fall and conquest of spaces
Once you’re in the storm
You will know

[The Girl]
Eyes pierce the veil
I see you
While spires fail
This time I won’t hide
This time we’re both free
This time we break the dream

Finally, we make amends
Suddenly the words make no more sense
We froze in time
We’ll never ever try again
Finally, there are faces left behind… Alone
You’re like the room, closed
Nothing can conquer you
But there comes a time
When light comes piercing through
Will you live a lie
Denying the call of your heart
Can’t you see that it’s time
To leave all secrets behind
And if we live or die
I’ll be the fear in your heart

When the pieces unite
We draw a portrait of mind
Don’t close your eyes
We’re going back to the start

And it’s all over now
There was no easy out

Don’t close your eyes
We’re going back to the start

With blinded eyes
We feel the light escape us
And walls will fall
What came from rust
Now turns to dust
Salvation for a broken mind
The silent cries
Will break the skies
The start of the journey home
What came from rust
Now turn to dust
The raging sound of silence

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