Patti Murin – True Love lyrics

(Frozen: The Broadway Musical Soundtrack)

[Verse 1]
I’ve sat alone in this room before
Hours and hours on end
I know this delusional wish
The door would open to reveal a friend
I know this solitude
I know this kind of cold
But I had faith in what the stories told
Of true love
How I’d find true love

[Verse 2]
And here I am in this room again
Just as lost and small
That lonely girl with a desperate heart
Is who I am after all
There’s no escaping her
But now the dream is gone
Because I spent a lifetime
Counting on true love
True love

I was looking for a fairytale
And dove headfirst into his
Turns out you can’t find love
If you don’t know what it is

[Verse 3]
And now it’s clear
I’ll never leave this room
It ends as it began
With no one but myself to blame
I played my part in the play
Dreaming got me here
And yet the dream won’t die
I can’t wish it away
No matter how hard I try
True love
True love
True love

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