Paul Thorn – That’s Life lyrics

Thank you I’m ok I guess,
I just need a little rest.
I’ll catch up on my sleep tonight.
I ain’t complainin’ – that’s life.
I’ve got blueberries in the yard.
I bought a hundred mason jars.
I’m gonna pick them when they’re ripe.
Another season – that’s life.

There’s a touch of fall in the wind.
Can’t wait till you come back again.
You’re the brightest star in my sky.
Wish you could stay – that’s life.
I know it’s time for you to go.
Here’s a sandwich for the road.
It’s always hard to say goodbye.
Ain’t that the truth – that’s life.

Wipe that tear out of your eye.
Behind the clouds the sun still shines.
You’re in my prayers every night.
Enjoy the journey that’s life.

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