Piotr Sobolczyk – Manie Blue lyrics

Sometimes I feel like a powerless tribe
On the brink of mass genocide
With no move further west nor south

Sometimes I feel like there’s void in my veins
Sometimes I feel like something had clinged to me
I steel feel the bite

Sometimes I feel like I’m straight from hell
Sometimes I feel like I’m wanted only by clones
Angel-like girls chase me to stairway
And gay boys replace me in doorway

Sometimes I feel like my irony is gone
Sometimes I feel that directness is tie
Though I don’t stand here to lie
No no no I don’t stand to lie

Je ne reviendrai plus jamais
à ce royaume qui m’a blessé
A cet empire qui m’a trompé
Oeil trompé

Je ne sais qu’ironiquement sourir
Amèrement me recueillir
Et je n’ai plus qu’à repartir
Comme un vil

Oh manie oh manie manie blue oh manie blue

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