Political scientists explained Zhirinovsky’s words about 4 a.m. on February 22

What did the LDPR leader mean when he threatened the West with a “destructive program” back in December

What will happen at 4 o'clock in the morning? What kind of “kuzka's mother” will Western leaders see at this moment in accordance with the tough promise that Vladimir Zhirinovsky made in December from the rostrum of the State Duma? “There is no need to rattle weapons, we must say: let’s do it, and if you refuse, then we can accept another program, and you will feel which one at 4 am on February 22,” the LDPR leader said on December 22.

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The Internet community is excited. Although the “moment X” has not arrived, the most advanced conspiracy theorists are trying to guess: “he knew” or “he prophetically foresaw”? We decided to ask the experts if this was not a pre-prepared technological drain, invented to activate, so to speak, international dialogue.

Here is what the director of the International Institute of Recent States, Alexei Martynov, said about this strong speech by Vladimir Volfovich:< /p>

– The figure is very beautiful – 02/22/2022, as if an allusion to 08/08/08. On the one hand, I think it's just a figure of speech. But on the other hand, the logic here is, in general, simple. We force the West to talk about new guarantees of European security. On Sunday, the possibility of such a summit between Russia and the United States, and then with representatives of European states, was announced by French President Macron, who plays the role of a mediator in all this action. Ukraine there is a kind of tool. And the problem here is that she is like a kind of monkey with a grenade.

Next Thursday there will be a meeting between Lavrov and Blinken, they will form a possible agenda for the summit. If this meeting of ministers is successful, then the summit will take place – this is an absolutely Russian agenda. At the same time, the weakest link in this construction, which Macron took on, is the current Ukrainian government, with which it is very difficult to agree on something. In these few days, they can do anything.

Russia has demonstrated both its capabilities and determination, and the possible scenarios, I think, have been brought to everyone's attention. The only thing I would warn any couch experts today is against inciting an already dangerous situation.

Alexei Makarkin, deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies, also believes that the promises of the LDPR leader are more likely to be in the sphere of rhetoric and vivid images than in the voluntary or involuntary disclosure of “secrets”:

– I think this is an improvisation. There is no such timing to consider that it will be far enough ahead in days. It was just his statement. What will happen tomorrow at 4 am, we will find out tomorrow.

Sometimes, as I understand it, some kind of probing of public opinion was carried out through Zhirinovsky on some initiatives. He sharpened them polemically, and then looked how they would react. But to name some exact dates in such conditions through him is probably too much. I think there was a link to the events of 2014, when Yanukovych fled from Kiev on February 22, and this was seen as such a symbolic step: we, too, will take some kind of revenge on February 22. Therefore, I think, Zhirinovsky started from that date. That is, if this date did not have any symbolic meaning, then, probably, one could talk about something. But even that is very doubtful.

If we are talking about the West, they have long forgotten about it, but here it is not only the date of Yanukovych's flight, but actually the date of our break. After that, Russia not only decided that it was necessary to move on to actions in Ukraine, which then led to the annexation of Crimea, but it was a gap with the West that has not yet been closed and is unlikely to be closed in the near future. For the Russian elite, this date is significant. Therefore, I would not be particularly involved in conspiracy theories here.

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