Protomartyr – Wheel Of Fortune lyrics

(feat. Kelley Deal of The Breeders)

[Verse 1]
A trick of heredity
A zipcode
A last name
A cell deforming
A businessman’s handshake
His waning ardor needs blood to metastasize
I decide who lives and who dies

[Verse 2]
Water as commodity
All is comedy
Acts of God
Acts of the purse-milking apostles
Pulling yourself up your boot straps is impossible
I decide who lives and who dies

[Verse 3]
The flea
The fetid pool
The sink hole
The asshole
Who thinks he thinks
He thinks he knows all answers
Wrath for sale and it is always Christmas
I decide who lives and who dies

[Verse 4]
Emergency manager
An angry ex-husband
Late with his payments and needs to cut costs
Inept gov hacks pump poison through pipes
A rising tide
I decide who lives and who dies

[Verse 5]
Wheel of Fortune
Wealth of nations
Chance of winning with proof of purchase
Chances are better with documentation

Pull your ticket
Stand in line
Don’t trust those that line up behind you
While your waiting
Stare a hole in
The back that’s in front of you

Your time is coming
That is our promise
If you’re not around your children will do
Roll me over, tender cousin
Open up my face to feel the gears
The inner workings
Forever turning
Hands upon the wheel
Busy hands in action
Hands in motion
Hands upon levers
Hands pulling levers
Hands upon rigging
Hands around throats
Hands around their own throats
Hands around their own throats

[Verse 6]
A Pharmaceutical mistake
A bluebird through a windowpane
A useful idiot trying to suckle his pride
Something growing deep on the inside
I decide who lives and who dies

[Verse 7]
A man with a gun and a deluded sense of purpose
A good guy with a gun who missed
A police state desperate to reach quota
The insurance company’s ad budget went over
I decide who lives and who dies

See it turning, turning, turning
If you ever smile on me
Please let it be now
I wonder if you’ll fool me this time

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