Rozotadi – Interstellar lyrics

I see you look at me
You see me look you
Your body speaks to me
So What tryna do

Aleija’s Verse:
This ain’t the first time I saw you looking up at me
These humans like to think we fall in love so easily
I don’t agree, no, I don’t agree
Don’t agree
I know you feeling me
Got that interstellar energy
Something like you’ve never seen
Would you go across the galaxy for me
Well let’s see where this night could lead

I see you out in the stars
I see you out in the stars
I see you out in the stars
I see you out in the stars
(Aye that a Tadi beat bro?) x2

Rozotadi’s Verse:
Baby girl let me wine with you
Let me spend my time with you
Let me see yo body move
Let me show you why they call me cool
I’m not cha average human
Know they watchin’ Truman
Now this room is humid
Cause our bodies movin’ yea yea
Amplify our fusion yea yea
Let me show you around my world
We can dance on the mountains
You move like water at the Bellagio fountains
Enough about that
There’s a lot of humans scowling
We out this place and we vibe at yah palace
We go to yah planet
I need my new balance
You got that beautiful skin girl
That beautiful skin
Whoa, Whoa
Didn’t come to this place to hold the wall
Now let me take you by the palm
You hear this joint
I made this song
Now grab yo girls and hit the
Oh, ha
Let me tell you something
You a Interstellar woman
You so beautiful
I just wanna talk to you all night
You know, I just wanna look at you
I just… God
I wanna appreciate you the way you should be appreciated
I wanna take you out

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