Shanzyan – About Me lyrics

You don’t need to

[verse 1]
My mind fucked up and it’s evident
Met a hundred bitches, I ain’t settling
Me, myself, a bunch of dead presidents
I know you know nothing else relevant
I know you know I been on that better shit
I know you know way I do it you can’t handle it
I know you know I’ma do you like a veteran
But be easy on the chain when I’m peddling
Fill the cup, I’m mixing up the medicine
Need enough cause everything feel desolate
I could give a fuck about your sentiments
Don’t tell me shit or I’ma get belligerent
You ain’t doing shit, you should get a life
I been getting money, yeah I’m living right
Bitch I came from nothing,
I don’t know what I’m becoming,
But these hoes still with fucking, I’ma terrorize

I’m out of control,
But you don’t really know about me
You don’t need to worry about me
Don’t need to worry about me

[verse 2]
Get the fuck up out my face cause I don’t know you,
All you talk about is what you gonna do,
My actions speakin louder than your volume,
Ain’t hearing what you’re saying like you’re Goku,
Bitch I’m hard headed need a Tylenol,
Realizing I don’t fuck with none of y’all,
Swear to god that I’ma keep coming hard,
Like I uh uh on your bitch’s jaw,
Too many times I’ve been down, too many times been let down, (no more)
Searching for real, can’t be found, I’m too for real with my sound, (I know
Never can trust no one now, never can trust no one now (I don’t)
Even if you tried, you could never understand what the fuck I’m really
About.. So don’t try

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