The Mellowells – Melting Vibes lyrics

I don’t ever wanna be you
As if someone would even let me
Who’s to say I won’t forget you
For reasons unexplained that aren’t true
Let’s go easy
Make moves slowly, please let go
You’ve got one thing coming
From my head, I’ll let it out again
I can’t get out of my head
And my body really wants to stay in bed
And we don’t really mind that all they said was “Just keep moving.”
Throw backward not in your plans
And I’ll take what I can fit into my hands
And wash away the melting vibes again, never ending
Paint the walls a kind of dark grey
And kind of just absorb the growing fade
I’m visceral without you in here
A room I made to stay away from fear
Let’s go easy
Take what’s different, fill the void
And make perfect pictures
From my head, I’ll let it out again

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