The opinion of Russians about the arrival of refugees from Donbass is revealed

Most of the country's residents believe that they need help

The vast majority of Russians (78 percent) support the decision of the authorities to accept refugees from the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DNR and LNR) in connection with the resumption of hostilities in the Donbass. Such data is provided by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) based on the results of a survey.


According to the organization's website, 13 percent of respondents do not support this decision, and among them there are many young people aged 18-34.

Thus, 31 percent of respondents aged 18- 24 years old and 20 percent at the age of 25-34 years old.

The decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the allocation of a lump sum of 10 thousand rubles to each refugee was supported by three-quarters (75 percent) of the respondents, 18 percent were against this measure survey participants.

Earlier, the situation in Donbass escalated, the leadership of the republics accuses the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) of shelling settlements and infrastructure.

Refugees began to leave Donbass for Russia, they are being accommodated in a number of Russian regions. In the DPR and LPR themselves, the mobilization of the male population aged 18 to 55 years has been announced.

The FSB also reported today that a projectile that arrived from Ukraine destroyed a border guard post in the Rostov region. The incident occurred 150 meters from the Russian-Ukrainian border, it is noted that no one was injured in the explosion.


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