Treaties with the DPR and LPR submitted to the Duma for ratification

Friendship treaties with the DPR and LPR submitted by Putin for ratification appeared in the Duma database. Among other things, they say that the parties can jointly oppose acts of aggression by other states. The agreement creates the basis for the presence of Russian military formations on the territory of the republics, it is said there

The State Duma has received bills on the ratification of treaties on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with the DPR and LPR, whose independence President Vladimir Putin recognized on February 21. The contracts are planned to be signed for 10 years.

Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko has been appointed as the President's official representative in the State Duma on these issues.

According to the provisions of the treaties, relations between the parties will be based on “mutual respect for state sovereignty and territorial integrity, peaceful settlement of disputes and non-use of force or threat force, including economic and other methods of pressure <…>».

In addition, the document states that the parties will closely cooperate in the field of foreign policy, as well as interact in strengthening peace, increasing stability and security, as well as holding regular consultations.

Besides. the treaties determine that Russia, the DPR and the LPR will cooperate closely in the defense of sovereignty, territorial integrity and security. The parties will hold consultations “in order to ensure joint defense, maintenance of peace and mutual security.”

“In the course of these consultations, the need, types and amounts of assistance that one contracting party will provide to another contracting party in order to help eliminate the threat that has arisen will be determined,” — the treaties say.

The parties also agree that they will jointly take measures to “counter acts of aggression against them by any state or group of states and provide each other with the necessary assistance, including military <.. .>».

The explanatory note states that the treaty “creates a legal basis for the presence on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic/Luhansk People's Republic of Russian military formations, whose presence is necessary to maintain peace in the region < …>».

Article 6 of these treaties states: “The contracting parties shall not participate in any blocs or alliances directed against any of them.”

The agreements also stipulate cooperation in the cultural sphere, healthcare, education, science, tourism, and sports.


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