Turnpike Troubadours – The Shape lyrics

Well I’m in, pretty good shape for the shape I’m in
Living in the shadows of all my
Sins, but hey, we’ve all got our problems
And it’s been 21 hours since I’ve heard your voice and
Me, well I got no damn choice
In the matter, yeah you know that’s true
Yeah leave it all up to you this time, the decision is
Yours baby its not mine, even
Though that’s hard
But the ink stain is still on my hand, and your
Number’s too worn off to understand
But I wear it, like a battle scar

And I can’t tell, about you and me, it’s a little bit
Too far down that old road of life to see
But I keep an eye out, toward the sky, thinking that
Maybe you just might be passin’ by
And how I wish, that you can hear, me sing maybe this
Time my songs just might mean something
So fall on back down to me, fall on back down to me
Ah you’re still an angel, even with that broken wing
And I said I got enough gas to make it there
Tonight if you want baby I don’t care, and you said no
No no no that’s ok
So instead I just sat here on this couch and I drank it
Off, that’s what I’m all about
At least lord, that’s what the poeople say
Cuz we both know im just a lost cause, a wannabe poet
With a cheap guitar, begging for applause
But I thought id be your knight in shining armor, and
Id save ya, hell or high water
But I won’t reach out my hand if you don’t want it

So fall on back down to me, fall on back down to me
Ah you’re still an angel, ah you’re still an angel, ah
You’re still an angel
Even with that broken wing

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