VictoriA – Mighty God lyrics

Mighty God, hear me now yea hear me now yea, hear my praise
Mi Mi Mighty Jehovah O Jehova hear my praise
I I I’ve come to say thank You, to say thank You to you Lord
Cos Lord You’ve been a miracle, You’ve been a miraclr to me Lord
How can i forget Your name, the great I Am that I Am
Cos You gave me a brand new life, a brand new life, my sweet Lord

So i want to praise You Lord, prasie You Lord, praise You Lord 3x
I say let my whole being let my whole being exalt You 3x

From from from generations to generations You change not
And and and Your Word is true, Your Word is true my sweet Saviour
What what can i ever do without You Lord in my life
As a living sacrifice, I give You me so use me
Cos i i i love, i love to love You

Uuh he hee Mighty God, only You, will be my God
Uuuh heheheheeMighty God, only You, will be my God CH

Your Name is sweet like honey
Mighty like thunder my dear Lord
Your love has no conditions, Your Faithfulness has no ending
I I I I know ow ow, i know ow ow You love me CH

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